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314-609-2357 The premiere resource for Real Estate investors in St. Louis.Fixer Uppers in St. Louis We are a real estate service providing solutions for property owners, real estate investors and landlords in the Saint Louis area. We purchase and sell any property, in any area, and in any condition. We specialize in properties that are distressed, as is, fixer uppers that are below market in value. Many of these properties are purchased through foreclosure, bankruptcy, distressed home owners or mortgage lenders.
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How we work with Investors and Rehabbers:

Let us help you get started in real estate investing or help you to the next level.

Our data base allows us to match properties to what our investors and rehabbers are looking for. Call 314.609.2357 to get entered into our data base so you will be called as soon as we get properties fitting your criteria or a foreclosure is eminent. Many properties sell before they make it to our website. If needed we can address financing needs so that when your property or project becomes available everything is in place. Our project and marketing resources are also available.

Investors, if you find a property that doesn’t fit your criteria give us a call, it may fit our criteria.






How we work with Realtors:

Tired of investors that make promises they can’t close on? We are Realtors and have been purchasing properties for two decades and appreciate the contribution professional Realtors make to our team. If you have sellers that would benefit from a quick, private sale give us a call 314.609.2357 Realtor references available upon request

Realtors if you have investors wanting to purchase investment properties or rehab projects we are happy to work with you to find the right match for your buyers.




How we work with Sellers:

We buy any property in any condition in any price range in the St. Louis area. We will be discreet and treat you with dignity. Our offer will be “as is” which means you won’t need to do any repairs or pay any commissions. We do not offer an artificially high price only to beat the price down prior to closing. Depending on your individual needs and situation we may be able to make several different offers that provide you with the best solution. If you need to sell your house because of divorce, bankruptcy, an estate situation for quick cash call us! We also love to buy problem rentals!

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