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Balancing a Rehab

Don’t ever put appearance over substance or put profit over integrity

Balancing a rehab project can be a challenge when the goal is to improve the property,  get it back on the market as soon as possible and hopefully someone will appreciate your masterpiece as much as you do and want to live there enough to pay you a fair price.  The risk can be reduced if when planning and budgeting for your rehab that you not only think like a buyer but you think like an inspector.  Barnacled plumbing stacks, windows that aren’t functional, cracked foundations can be expense to repair and don’t necessarily improve the over-all aesthetic value of a project. It is hard to imagine a buyer coming in and commenting, “what a gorgeous plumbing stack”.  In fact, an improvement that costs thousands of dollars may never even be noticed by a buyer at all.  When a rehabber sees a return in such necessary improvements is during the inspection period.

HomesForRehab Rehab with integrity

stay away from the “all show and no go” rehab model

The buyer’s original lust may start to wane a bit by the time the inspectors start digging into the not so pretty places of your rehab.  Just like the drop dead car you wanted to buy but once your dad popped the hood and test drove it his opinion quickly sucked the wind out of your sail.  This too can happen when a buyer begins to learn what lurks in the panel box and pipes of the new abode.  The buyer’s diminished affection for your rehab can sometimes threaten the actual sale of the property.  Don’t ever put appearance over substance or put profit over integrity. The last thing you want going into the final lap on the way to the closing table is the buyer Hvad er et live casino og dets vigtigste fordele feeling like your rehab is “all show and no go” potentially killing the deal.

Color of The Year Hype

Sherwin Williams The Annual Color Pageant

What is the Color of the Year?  Who is the know-it –all that decides it anyway?   People magazine tells us who the sexiest man alive is. Time magazine lets us know who the Person of the Year is.  Sportsman of the Year is announced by Sports Illustrated.   Many different authorities announce a color of the year, for good or for bad Pantone seems to be the most popular voice when it comes to COTY.  This is old news but this year Pantone picked Emerald Green.  I once had a pompon uniform that was emerald-ish, I didn’t care for it then and I don’t care for it now and looking around I fail to see any emerald green enthusiasts.   I wasn’t impressed with their last year’s COTY either.  I would be in a complete color funk if I didn’t know to go to other sources for live inspiration.  If you are looking for a fresh palette for your rehabs, fixer uppers or your own home consider what other industry leaders can contribute to your palette inspiration.

HomesForRehab Color of the Year Pantone

I might be biased but I want to know what colors paint companies think are stars of the spectrum.  Why paint companies?  Being an interior designer I feel that the colors we choose to surround ourselves, family and memories with are the most worthy of thoughtful chroma decisions and paint companies naturally embrace that attitude as well.  Benjamin Moore’s 2013 COTY is Lemon Sorbet you can see how Lemon Sorbet lives in this photo from their website.

HomesForRehab Color of the Year Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams named Aloe as their COTY.  Aloe is mild but powerful as seen in the photo of the living space from their website.  So what if aloe doesn’t float your boat?  Check out the 2013 Sherwin Williams ColorMix this is an exciting presentation of color trends categorized by mood in the form of palettes.

HomesForRehab Color of the Year Sherwin Williams

HomesForRehab Color of the Year Sherwin Wms

Color Mix HomesForRehab Sherwin Williams

What’s wrong with crowing a single color the annual winner is discussed in an interesting article by Color Guild expresses palettes that consider the end user as a more obvious approach over a single COTY.

CMG Color HomesForrehab


Color Sells and the Right Color Sells Better is the motto of the Color Marketing Group.  The CMG is an international not for profit well rounded group with members from across industries and nations.  Because of their members’ diverse backgrounds their studies of color directions are what most industries and designers consider to be the direction of color, their decisions are anything but arbitrary.  Next year when the new COTY is arbitrarily crowned, consider looking for inspiration from alternative authorities or better yet make your favorite your COTY.


Selling Your St Louis Home During Divorce

"HomesForRehab", "War of the Roses Divorce"
War of the Roses

Selling Your Home During Divorce

During divorce, your house in most cases is the biggest asset that will have to be dealt with both financially and emotionally. Selling your home during divorce is usually the best financial decision but if the payments are affordable, you may want to consider refinancing and taking your spouse off of the mortgage and the warranty deed, if you want to continue living in the home after the divorce. Like the rest of the United States St Louis area real estate sales have taken a beating and your St. Louis home might not be worth what you paid or what you had expected the property to appraise. If you are looking at potentially selling your home for a loss, try to sell it via a short sale process. HomesForRehab is able to assist with a short sale. At all costs try to avoid foreclosure as your credit score will suffer and will affect your housing options going forward. Most divorce experts agree that the sooner you market your home the better. You will have to commit to new housing, closing and moving dates. Everyone will be better prepared for what lies ahead the sooner you have your marital residence divided. Selling your home quick during a divorce does not mean you have to give it away. HomesForRehab works very hard to preserve a family’s privacy and dignity during unfortunate situations that require a quick sale for cash. A home buyer will visit your home and give you a fair cash price for your klockan home, in most cases HomesForRehab can pay more for your home and close the quicker than our competitors. If you don’t mind having potential buyers walking through and the inconveniences of having your home listed with a Realtor. Divorce is never pleasant but we strive to handle your transaction discreetly and with dignity. Contact HomesForRehab today if you would be interested in a cash offer for your home. 314-609-2357

Easy Kitchen Makeover!

The world of foreclosures and rehabs can be very scary but if you have vision and experience you can give a space new life and a chance to make a new family happy.  For cost efficiency consider keeping the plumbing in the same place and if that is impossible try to keep it along the original wall.  Anytime you can avoid moving utilities it will save you money and sometimes headaches when rehabbing.  Details like granite counter tops and sophisticated lighting update this modest 1960’s kitchen. Try using accent furniture pieces for interest and storage.































Mirror Mirror Bathroom Design


bathroom design before design sponge

bathroom design after from design sponge


Courtesy Design Sponge

I’ve seen walls of artfully arranged mirrors before, but they’re usually in public spaces as a form of pure display. Seeing such a dramatic presentation of mirrors in a home bathroom is unexpected, but stunning. I love it! California-based designer Faith Blakeney also had the brilliant idea to attach some of the mirrors with velcro so they could be mixed, matched and pulled down for quick use any time, making this display both elegant and practical. The addition of these mirrors, modern light fixtures and a cleaner, brighter neutral palette has completely transformed this bathroom on a low budget. I love the varied shapes of those old hand mirrors; I’m tempted to start seeking some out right now! — Kate

design sponge after mirror detail



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Time: The hunt for just the right mirrors took about 3 trips to the flea market, plus about an hour to mount the mirrors on the wall and countless hours admiring the mirror wall.

Cost: $10 velcro, around $15 a piece for the hand-held mirrors, $100 for the big ones. Grand Total: $295

Basic Steps: I created a wall of mirrors in the bathroom using an old collection of inherited hand-held mirrors and some thrift store finds. I figured out where I wanted to place each mirror, marked it and put a 2″ velcro strip, vertically, on the wall at each mark. I then put a piece of the other side of the velcro on the back side of each hand-held mirror, again vertically. Lastly, I mounted the mirrors on the wall so they can be taken off and rearranged.

Make sure the surface you are mounting on is very clean and that you use high-quality industrial-strength velcro tape — a broken mirror is a lot of bad luck! I am happy to report that these mirrors have been up for many months without a single problem. — Faith


Before and After Master Bedroom

before master bedroom haven of graceAfter Master Bedroom Haven



Dark paint does not necessarily make spaces look smaller.  In this case the intense color makes the room inviting and peaceful.  A run of duct work that was added along the top of this wall was also painted chocolate, the duct visually vanished into the wall because the intense color is less reflective than a lighter shade would have been.

Why Investors and Rehabbers Prefer NON-MLS Properties


The Multiple Listing Service or MLS begins counting the cumulative days on market (CDOM) as soon as a listing is entered.  When an investor or rehabber purchases an “AS IS” property that has been listed it already has amassed an amount of CDOM.  Once the improvements have been done and the rehabber needs to get the completed project marketed unless 90 days has passed from the last MLS listing the count continues adding days to the previous listings CDOM.  The history of that property on the MLS will indicate a price increase, because the improvements have hopefully increased the property’s value and an inaccurate number of cumulative days on market.  At quick glance this fresh listing can look stale.  When a rehabber purchases a property that has not been listed on the MLS, the day the improvements have been made the property can then be listed with a Realtor and appear as a new listing with the CDOM count begining at one.

Old Meets New


Photo Courtesy Haute Nature

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This vanity photo courtesy of Haute Nature is a lesson in up-cycling and reuse.  As rehabbers we should examine articles already found in a property to see if they can be utilized in the new design of the space.  All too often furnishings are replaced with newly purchased items that don’t necessarily add value to  a property visually or from a resale perspective.  Consider offering a bespoke rehab instead of another big box look.  Try reusing found objects,  not only will you save rehab dollars but you’ll increase the appeal of your project.

Check out Haute Nature: