Before & After

The Sellers of the homes we purchase have very sentimental stories and heart felt memories of their family’s history in the  home.  It is our mission that the home continue to be a factory of happy memories and a sense of pride for the new owner and the neighborhood!


Dramatic St Charles Kitchen Rehab






Defining Spaces in an Open Floor Plan

A lighting change makes this space feel more like  2 intimate spaces instead of one huge dance floor.



 Thanks Sherwin Williams!

The first thing you noticed on this exterior was the green triangle held up by three green legs.  Once we painted the trim with a color that compliments the brick, the house looks larger and more attractive.



 Before & After Webster Groves Cottage

Removing old, over grown landscape adding a driveway and shutters made this home as cute as the others on the street.





 Keep the Charm!

This Webster Groves kitchen already had a timeless foundation that just needed to be refreshed and a bit more functional, can’t have function without a dishwasher!

The original light fixture was relocated.




 Where Do You Start?

This West County split needed a lot of love!  It also needed a lot of scrubbing!  The dining and living room was completely shut off from the kitchen.  Nestled in the woods the interior walls also obstructed the gorgeous outdoor views.




 Needing Help in Maplewood

This space didn’t appear to have a defined purpose and became a dumping ground for items without a home.  The stair wall was lowered to make the space visually wider.  The gorgeous row of windows were revielled and storage was added to make a happy sunny breakfast room!


Mission: Great Kitchen in Small Space

The opening to this kitchen had to be shifted to the right in order to fit a full row of cabinets and counter top.



 Bathroom Come Back!

Apparently the painter didn’t come back but the bathroom did make a full comeback!

 Restoration Inspiration

This photograph of a Restoration Hardware mirror/medicine cabinet helped me convince my project manager that the old medicine cabinet covered in blue had real potential.

Worth the Investment!

The stained glass windows that flank this fireplace were in need of repair. One window was even being held together with duct tape. A local craftsman quickly restored the windows, they should be good for at least another 70 years!

North County Townhouse Kitchen Update!

This home had great vaulted ceilings but the kitchen design didn’t take advantage of the great height and interesting angles.  Taller cabinets and a light fixture that draws your eye up brings attention to the interesting ceiling lines.


Paint it White!

Since this odd sized vanity would have been very expensive to replace. Because it was in such good condition we opted to paint the vanity and spend the savings on a great light fixture.


Off With The Wallpaper!


Off With The Mirror!

Simple Changes Can Make a Huge Difference

Peel and Stick Brick?



Replacing an old Tic, Tac, Toe Window



Just a Scrub & Paint


Take Advantage of Every Inch

This kitchen was in need of counter top space and of course a dishwasher!  We continued the cabinets to the door and was able to keep the plumbing put.


Clean Start


No Longer Singing the Blues

The great thing about this blue carpet is that is did a wonderful job of protecting the gorgeous hardwood floors below!