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Selling Your St Louis Home During Divorce

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Selling Your Home During Divorce

During divorce, your house in most cases is the biggest asset that will have to be dealt with both financially and emotionally. Selling your home during divorce is usually the best financial decision but if the payments are affordable, you may want to consider refinancing and taking your spouse off of the mortgage and the warranty deed, if you want to continue living in the home after the divorce. Like the rest of the United States St Louis area real estate sales have taken a beating and your St. Louis home might not be worth what you paid or what you had expected the property to appraise. If you are looking at potentially selling your home for a loss, try to sell it via a short sale process. HomesForRehab is able to assist with a short sale. At all costs try to avoid foreclosure as your credit score will suffer and will affect your housing options going forward. Most divorce experts agree that the sooner you market your home the better. You will have to commit to new housing, closing and moving dates. Everyone will be better prepared for what lies ahead the sooner you have your marital residence divided. Selling your home quick during a divorce does not mean you have to give it away. HomesForRehab works very hard to preserve a family‚Äôs privacy and dignity during unfortunate situations that require a quick sale for cash. A home buyer will visit your home and give you a fair cash price for your klockan home, in most cases HomesForRehab can pay more for your home and close the quicker than our competitors. If you don’t mind having potential buyers walking through and the inconveniences of having your home listed with a Realtor. Divorce is never pleasant but we strive to handle your transaction discreetly and with dignity. Contact HomesForRehab today if you would be interested in a cash offer for your home. 314-609-2357